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José Cuenca was born in Orleans, France, in 1956.

José's parents have immigrated to France fleeing the repressive Franco regime in Spain and soon embarked on a new life in Montreal, Quebec.

The artist José Cuenca has always been a painter - from his formative years bridging three (3) distinct cultures (English, French and Spanish) - through his adult career as a visual artist. His work has always been a testament to his keen sense of observation.

One could classify his style as "creative voyeurism" exploring themes ranging from architecture landscape to the subtle eroticism of the human form - mostly female's. José Cuenca is currently taking a new direction in his work and the same themes are explored in the abstract forms.

The artist, who usually observes from standing just outside the frame, has found his inner self within it. 


Born in Orleans, France, in 1957 from Spanish parents;

Currently resides in the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada.


1996-1999        D.E.C. in fine arts from Champlain College, Saint-Lambert, QC

1998-1999        Study of «Portraits» at the Saidye Bronfman Art Center, Montréal, QC

1975-1976        Drawing classes - still life and oil - with artist José Negro, QC

1974                 D.E.S., Northmount High, Montréal, QC

1971                 Youth Fine Arts Programme from the Montreal School of Fine arts, QC

1967-1969        Private classical classes with artist Javier Morena Grijalva, head of the art department at Mediacom Co., Montréal, QC


2002                 Artana Gallery, Framingham, MA, USA, organized by Galerie Lamoureux Ritzenhoff, Mtl, QC - (Trio with artists Nicole St-Pierre and Louis Hughes)

1998                 Klimantiris Gallery, Montréal, QC

1996                 La Cigale Restaurant, Montréal, QC

1995                 Café la Petite Marche, Montréal, QC

1994                 Dicken's Gallery, Montréal, QC

1985                 L'Avenue du néon, Montréal, QC


2014-2016        Galerie Lamoureux Ritzenhoff, Montréal, QC

2003-2009        Klimantiris Gallery, Montréal, QC

2000-2006        Galerie Lamoureux Ritzenhoff, Montréal, QC

2002-2005        Artana Gallery, Framingham, MA, É.-U.,organized byGalerie Lamoureux Ritzenhoff, Mtl, QC

2000                 Salon of the art galleries, Bonsecours Market,  Old Montréal, QC,

                          organized by Galerie Lamoureux Ritzenhoff, Mtl, QC

2000                 Galerie Marc Vigneron, St-Tropez, France

1999                 Art Gallery Mulhouse, France

1993                 Centre Espagnol do Quebec, Montréal, QC


Mr. Cuenca's work can be found in many private and corporate collections in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, in United States and in Sweden.

José Cuenca Artworks >>