Exhibitions and Events - CHRISTMAS SHOW


For Christmas FREEDOM FOR F. (FEMMES) is "Empowering one woman of the world at a time"... Traditional Maasai Kenyan amber and beaded necklaces, Shona master sculptures from Zimbabwe, masks from Cameroon...

For Christmas, we are exhibiting handmade art objects for our "FREEDOM FOR F. (FEMMES)" project:

"Empowering one woman of the world at a time"... 

Sculptures by Shona master J. Tandi represented by Caroline Masiyakurima from Zimbabwe, traditional Maasai Kenyan amber beaded necklaces represented by Rosemary Ndenduru, traditional Zimbabwean black stone and shell beaded necklaces, two-tone copper bracelets handmade in Zimbabwe, traditional black ebena wood masks and sculptures from Cameroon...  

Profits paid back directly to each woman of the world by owners of the gallery personally .

At our Old Montreal gallery location: 68, St.Paul street West on la Promenade des galeries d'art.

Open 7 days from 10:00 am.


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